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the 'ever/sharper' carbide tools from STARLITE...

starlite Users tell us "we get greater production from Starbide Carbides" ... "they last far longer between regrinds."  That's because Starbide Carbides are engineered and produced by men with years of workbench experience with carbides ... who know the "something extra" that makes them perform so much better on the job.  And, to their carbide know-how, Starlite men bring many years of diamond tool experience to perfect the smoothest-finish, smoothest-working carbide tools ever.

they're superfinished ... stay sharper far longer.
Starbide Carbides undergo an extra process many other tools skip; they're superfinished.  Every cutting edge is diamond-honed to brilliant sharpness ... they are truly sharper to start with and stay sharper longer.  More rigid shanks, a flute bypass to eliminate zero cutting of end radius tools . . . these are other Starbide features that contribute to their fast-growing reputation as the worth-more carbides that deliver a bigger dollars' worth on the job.

Save with Starbide Quantity Discounts . . . you can mix and match any styles of Carbide tools in this catalog (where discount schedules do not accompany the tools) to achieve the discounts shown below.  Quantities shown are for one-time orders, not a combination of orders over a longer period:

Any 1 to 11 tools NET
Any 12 to 24 tools Less 15%
Any 25 to 49 tools Less 20%
Any 50 to 99 tools Less 25%
Any 100 or more tools Less 30%

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