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Diamond/CBN "Magnicon Bond" plated and Brazed 'B' Bond Tooling. 150 Concentration and Brazed 'B' Bond coated tools for grinding carbide, graphite, composites, reinforced graphite, reinforced plastics, alumina, ruby, YAG and other hard ceramics. Internal grinding mandrels beginning .019 points, shapes, routers, wheels, files, special forms, hole saws, core drills and diamond band saws.
STARBOND Metal Bond Diamond Core Drills and accessories. 1/4" depth of diamond, 150 concentration, for drilling holes or retrieving slugs in glass, electronic glass and hard or abrasive ceramics. Stock sizes 3/32" to 5", over 150 in between sizes in stock, including full metric line. Special diameters and lengths manufactured.
Over 27 pages of stock items.
Diamond and Carbide Tooling designed for cutting and drilling composites, graphite, fiberglass and reinforced plastics. Diamond "Magnicon Bond" Plated or Brazed 'B' Bond wheels, hole saws, routers, cut off saws, mounted wheels, band saws, counter sinks and special stock items for dry or wet cutting of composites, fiberglass, reinforced plastics, phenolics, ferrites and hard ceramics, PCD PCBN inserts, rotary tools and Starpad flexible diamond tooling. Solid carbide routers, drills and countersinks with specific geometry designed for cutting composites, fiberglass and reinforced plastic.
Over 20 pages of stock items and specials manufactured to customer specifications.
STARBOND All Solid Carbide Rotary Tooling. Fractional End Mills SE/DE, Clarkson Threaded Shanks, for Hard Metals and New Alloys. Routers, Reamers and Burs.
25 pages, Stock Items.
As above, in Metric sizes.
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