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Custom "Magnicon Bond" Diamond Tools

Diamond Plated and Brazed 'B' Bond Tooling

  • Diamond Hole Saws

  • Diamond Countersinks

  • Diamond Routers

  • Diamond Pins

  • Starbond Metal Bond Diamond Core Drill (for Glass and Hard Ceramics)
  • Diamond Cut Off Wheels

  • Diamond Band Saw Blades

  • Diamond Form Wheels

  • Diamond Files

Brazed 'B' Bond Tooling

Brazed 'B' Bond Tooling is recommended for machining graphite, composites, reinforced plastics, and tough ceramics. Brazed 'B' Bond tools perform best in highly abrasive or difficult to machine materials. Can be run dry.

Starlite's high temperature metal alloy and maximum diamond protrusion resist the high temperatures generated in grinding. When ordering Brazed 'B' Bond tooling, add the letter 'B' to the Starlite standard part number or tool description when ordering a special shape.

See our web page catalogs C00100 and C00120 .

For use in: Filled Fiberglass, Phenolics, Boron, Ferrites, Reinforced Plastics, Carbides, Carbon, Graphite, Glass, Quartz, Hard or Highly Abrasive Ceramics, CBN for Ferrous Metals.

Polycrystalline PCD/PCBN Diamond/CBN Tooling

  • Inserts  
  • End Mills
  • Boring Bars 
  • Twist Drills  
  • Countersinks
  • Routers &ndsp;

PCD Diamond for Non-Metals, PCBN for Metals.  Request applications sheet or Catalog C00310.

Solid Carbide Tooling

  • End Mills
  • Saws
  • Reamers
  • Drills
  • Routers
  • Burs

See our web page catalogs C00400 (fractional) and C00410 (metric).

Specific Tools for Specific Tasks

The continued development of today's advanced composites, ceramics, and other Highly Abrasive Materials, combined with greatly increased usage of these materials, frequently requires unique or special tooling for special tasks.

Unlimited Shapes and Sizes

Starlite Industries has been manufacturing diamond and carbide tooling for over 45 years.  During that time, we have honed and sharpened our capabilities to keep us on the cutting edge of today's technology.  Our unique combination of "Magnicon Bond Plated and Brazed" Diamond, PCD, CBN, and Carbide tooling is your assurance that we will provide the proper cutting tool for the job.

Cost Effective Cutting Tools

Because you can select from different types of tooling, we can easily recommend the most cost-effective tool for your specific needs.

Call Us with Your Specific Needs

We welcome your inquiry about your special tooling requirements as well as any machining problems you might have.  Give us a call, or click on the Email pointer below, and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.  You'll find that we're very patient even though we have little tolerance.

Special Tools Manufactured in Addition to Our Standards!

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