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Pocket Scriber, Engraving and Deburring Tool

Part No. 446205 -- Pin Vise Only
Shank Dia. 1/8"
Complete set (part no. 446200) includes handle and 10 assorted cutters in a plastic case.

Starlite introduces a new series of Scriber, Engraving and Deburring tools. These solid carbide tools held in a steel collet mounted into an aluminum body pin vise, have multiple uses. They will mark, engrave and debur in glass, ceramics, plastics, hardened steel and numerous other materials. The tools can be purchased separately or in a kit. The kit (Part #446200) consists of a pin vise and an assortment of 10 cutters.

These tools are manufactured of the finest carbide available.

Part No. Solid Carbide Length Overall Flute Length End Dimen. Incl. Angle
38mm 11mm 1.5 straight
446220 38mm 11mm 1.5
446230 38mm 11mm 1.15
446240 38mm 11mm 0.8
446250 38mm 11mm 0.4
446260 38mm 11mm 1.5
446270 38mm 11mm 1.15
446280 38mm 11mm 0.8
446290 38mm 11mm 0.4
446300 38mm 11mm ... point

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