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Air Turbine Grinder

Air Turbine Grinder*
Faster, Cooler, Smoother
Engraving, Deburring Die Dressing and More

A precision tool with speeds to 340,000 rpm . . . so fast, so precise, you can "sign your name" in hardened steel! . . . so efficient, it increases diamond tool life 20 times!

Speed and precision never before possible for engraving, scribing, drilling, creating radii and angles on form tools, dressing dies, etc. are yours with Starlite.  This lightweight, easy-to-use grinder is ideal for electronic and miniature precision applications.  With one of these 94 special diamond or carbide tools shown on the next page, it easily works hardened steels, alloys, carbides, ferrites, glass, ceramics and mineral-filled plastics.

With the use of our model 707015 auxiliary spray mist unit, diamond tool life may be increased by 20 times.  This coolant unit is highly recommended when working materials such as glass, ceramics, carbides, semi-precious stones and materials of a similar nature.

The quick-change design feature allows cutting tips to be changed in seconds, no wrenches required.  Only a minimum of 40 psi of compressed air is required for maximum speed.  The easily replaceable turbine-bearing cartridge (replaces like a ball point pen cartridge) and replaceable all-metal collet guarantee many hours of trouble-free service.

Model 503075 -- Straight Air Turbine Quick Change (503074) Grinder, complete with connecting hose, check wrench.

Model 503080 -- 503074 Quick Change Grinder, with 707010 Wall Bracket Control.

Model 503085 -- 503074 Quick Change Grinder, with 707010 Wall Bracket Control and 707015 Auxiliary Spray mist unit.


707010 Wall Bracket Control and Gauge.
708060 Pneumatic Foot Switch (on/off only).
708045 Nylon Hose to connect foot switch and wall bracket control.
503070 Quick Change Turbine Cartridge (for use in 503074 only).
501185 Spare Metal Check for Cartridge.
707015 Auxiliary Spray Mist Unit.

* Uses 1/16" Shank Diamond and Carbide Tools shown on next page.

Model #503080

Quick Change Model #503074 -- designed for easy quick-change
. . . Push -- Eject -- Insert New Bur

Model #708060

Spray Mist, Model #707015, approx.  7-1/4 x 5-1/4 x 3-5/8"

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