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Catalog C00400          Page 27   

Solid Micrograin Carbide Drills 
for use in Fiberglass, Boron, Plastic, Carbon and Other High Abrasive Materials

Tapered Drill Reamer Tapered drill for Graphite and Fiberglass
Excellent for small diameter holes in graphite and fiberglass.  This special drill is recommended for use in most laminated composites other than straight Kevlar.  The drill reamer will produce very clean accurate holes in the most difficult composite materials.  The only requirement is that the work piece be held solidly, to eliminate vibration while being drilled. We recommend that this drill be run at approximately 125-150 SFPM for the best results.

Dagger Drill Standard diameters available are 5/32", 3/16", #1, #10, and 1/4".
  • Drills 10 times more holes.
  • Drills one shot, class 2 tolerance holes.
  • No backup material required.
  • No secondary ream operation required.
  • Drills holes within .0025 tolerance in a single operation.
  • Maximum heat dispersement while drilling.
  • Can be reground repeatedly without rethinning the point.
  • Can be reconditioned into shorter lengths and smaller diameters.

Combination Drill & C/Sinks, used on Spacematic & Drillmatic Drilling Equipment Parabolic Fluted Drills for Deep-Hole Drilling Special Point for Drilling Kevlar
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