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Catalog C00400          Page 12   


  A: Standard Cut
B: Medium Starcut
C: Coarse Starcut
D: Fine Starcut
E: Aluminum Starcut
Any of these 5 Cuts now standard with our Carbide Burs
NOW . . . Industry's widest selection of Bur Shapes and Sizes becomes even more versatile, with a choice of five flute styles for perfect mating of the tool to the job and material -- and you may choose any of these styles as 'standard'. Superfinished cutting edges give our burs the quality and remarkable long life you've been looking for.
End cuts have basic and intermediate flutes -- no zero cutting. Where shank material is listed as 'Carbide', the tool is solid carbide, one-piece construction, and should be used for heavy-duty work whenever possible. Shank tolerances: +.0000 -.0005.
Bur Selection Recommendations:
Standard Cut [A]: Use for general purpose deburring of steel, cast iron and other ferrous metals.
Medium Starcut [B]: Cross-fluted patter produces a granular chip which induces improved control for portable hand operations.
Coarse Starcut [C]: Recommended for dressing welds, snagging castings and machining non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics.
Fine Starcut [D]: Recommended for applications where fine grinding and finish are pre-requisites.
Aluminum Starcut [E]: The milling cutter relief flutations where fine grinding and finish are pre-requisites.
Shank Sizes: are designated for each bur . . . also available with 3M/M, and 6M/M shanks (see catalog 400401).
Regrinding and reworking: All Carbide Tools can be reground, reworked, or reconditioned to our high-quality standards. The following percentages are approximations of original tool costs:
Regrind: Resharpen only approx. 20%
Rework: Grinding or deepening flutes or refluting approx. 25%
Recondition: Rebraze or completely rework tool maximum 50%

Please select one of the following Bur Shapes to see the available part numbers and sizes:

Cylindrical Shape Cylindrical Shape, Radius End Tree Shape, Pointed End Inverted Cone Deburring Cutter 60 degree Deburring Cutter 90 degree
Taper Cone, Truncated End Taper Cone, Radius End Tree Shape, Radius End Olive Shape Ball Shape Special Shapes, Sizes, Cuts...

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