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Catalog C00400             Page 01c   

Solid Tungsten Carbide End Mills

end mills Solid Tungsten Carbide END MILLS with exclusive superfinished cutting edges, sharper to start with, and they stay sharper . . . longer!
end mills Superfinishing makes these End Mills worth more, do more, last longer. Cutting edges are tooled to brilliant sharpness and, when operating, this extra-step superfinishing minimizes chip build-up . . . enables them to run at the same speed as H.S. Steel on older equipment with, naturally, 10 to 20 times the life of H.S. Steel between regrinds. On newer equipment these End Mills may be run up to 4 times indicated speed for H.S. Steel.

Modifications from Standards available

The following modifications from standard End Mills shown on the next three pages are available:

1. Straight Flutes. 5. Positive Rake.
2. Left-Hand Spiral Flutes. 6. Negative Rake.
3. Slow Spiral. 7. Different number of flutes.
4. Fast Spiral (45?). 8. Special Flute Length.

Special End Mills ordered involving any combination of the above modifications available. For modifications, write or Email us for quotation.

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