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Diamond Grinding Tools Have Magnicon Metal Bonding . . .

Plated Diamond                Brazed Bond Diamond

Brazed 'B' Bond Diamond Tools from Starlite

Starlite's new bond alloys with the diamond to halt diamond pullout. Individual diamond particles are atomically fused to the tool with Starlite's new metal alloy. Bonded diamond rotary tooling for drilling, milling, countersinking, and trimming FRP, composites, ceramics, and stone. When ordering, use the letter "B" to designate Starlite's new alloy.

Higher Cutting Rate! Longer Useful Life!

Magnicon Bonding . . . the most significant advance in the manufacture of diamond grinding tools in the past decade . . . and only Starlite Diamond Grinding Tools have it! Starlite Diamond Tools with Magnicon Bonding cut faster, last longer . . . Magnicon Bonding is an exclusive Starlite process . . . employs a metal bond specially developed for low ductility and great strength. The cohesiveness of this alloy permits a concentration of diamonds not obtainable with ordinary bonded wheels.

Laboratory Tests Prove Starlite Tools Superior

“Torture Tests” in the laboratories of the United States Testing Company proved Starlite Diamond Grinding Tools with Magnicon Metal Bonding outwear ordinary diamond tools by as much as 55%!

Diamond Concentration and Depth:

While there are no firm standards of diamond concentration in diamond grinding tools, reputable manufacturers use 72 carats of diamond powder per cubic inch of impregnation for 100 concentration wheels. Magnicon Bonding makes possible a higher concentration of diamond powder … So Starlite Diamond Grinding Tools contain 108 carats of pure diamond powder per cubic inch of impregnation. Starlite products with Magnicon Bonding guarantee 150 concentration … the concentration of choice for faster-cutting, longer-lasting diamond grinding tools.

Special Size and Tools:

In addition to the products shown in this catalog, Starlite also manufactures a complete line of special form wheels, mounted wheels, and core drills made to customers’ specifications. Quotations on these and other special items will be sent on request.

Unconditional Guarantee:

All Starlite Grinding Tools are unconditionally guaranteed against mechanical imperfections, and any defective item will be replaced upon application.

See the following pages for quantity discounts and ordering instructions. All items in this catalog are stocked; special tools are available.

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